Test your Memory

Here some memory tests are provided to demonstrate memory improvement for yourself. These tests are the same style tests Alzcorp used in the last two research protocols.

The Names-Learning Test (NLT50), it is a ‘paired association test’. Here you will first read a group of items, such as “The name of a Color…” with the corresponding specific pair “…is Green”. After reading fifty pairs and a short delay the test will begin with questions such as, “What was the name of the Color?” The person taking memory reVITALIZER® should answer “Green,” within the time allowed. Answers will appear to validate your responses. Each positive counts as Two points with a maximum of 100. Normal is about 68.


For the 20 Word Recall Test you will read a list of 20 common words of 1-2 syllables at a rate of 5-7 seconds per word.  When the list is complete you will have up to 2 minutes to recall as many of the 20 words as you can. The words will reappear to validate your responses. The normal is about 6.8 words.


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